I’m making sourdough!

2013-07-10 10.31.13

I’ve been wanting to make sourdough for ages and ages and ages, but living in single studio apartment, with a tiny kitchen, didn’t seem all that conducive. Maybe this is crazy, but I wanted to begin a sourdough starter when I was home at my family’s farm – somehow the idea of attracting wild yeast from the country sounded slightly more appealing than my city apartment! So finally on a weekend home with my family I started the process! At the moment I am just making/growing the sourdough starter, which involved me mixing water and rye flour in a bowl, and leaving it on a bench at home to attract wild yeast. I have been feeding my starter now for a week and a half, and its starting to look strong. This photo shows the starter after I ‘fed’ it by adding rye flour and water, and mixing it thoroughly. Looking at my starter now, it’s already started to develop lots of bubbles.

A couple of days ago I tested my starter by making sourdough pancakes courtesy of Nicola Galloway of Homegrown Kitchen, and they were successful! And now that my starter is looking much stronger I’ll be trying a loaf of bread soon!


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