Sourdough and success!


Yay! My first reasonably successful loaf of sourdough spelt bread! It took a couple of goes, but I got there! I followed a recipe by Sally Fallon but had few problems with it. I found the dough very sticky and hard to work with, and when I left it to rise it collapsed after a couple of hours (Sally recommends letting it rise for up to 12 hours..). After doing a bit of research, it seems that spelt flour tends to do this…? So instead of forming the dough into nice free-form loaves I put them in loaf tins. I also ignored her suggestion to bake the bread at 180C for up to an hour, and cooked the first loaf at 250C for about 30mins. Note to self: sometimes recipes are worth following. The oven temperature gave the loaf a delicious crust, but the inside wasn’t quite cooked. The flavour was still fabulous and the crumb did have potential, but just wasn’t quite there. After the initial devastation (!), I baked my second loaf in an oven of 180C, for an hour. The result was much better – a delicious crust, and a well cooked crumb. Yum! I still don’t think it was perfect – but I’ll keep on practising! Any tips would be welcome!


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